Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Monday- Connie Talbot

I've been listening to this little girl since she almost won BGT a few years back. This video was up for awhile, then pulled (for copyright issues?), and is now back up on Youtube. She puts a lot of videos up now, but this one is worth seeing. The potential is stunning, one day this little girl will put out a record that will stun the world. (new CD coming this summer?)

Connie's singing always makes me smile, so it's a great way to start a Monday.
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  1. She was only on TV a couple of months ago with her mother, she has grown and her front teeth have now grown LOL

    She has a great voice for her age I think It was her age that prevented her actually winning BGT :-)

    Have a good week Mike ;-)

  2. Yeah, her teeth came in. When she was in the running for BGT,my wife an I would follow it on the internet, just a great story. Seems there were better stories there than what we had on TV here. Susan Boyle and stories like that. We bought her CD when it came out, and I still get a grin from it. She mostly puts videos on youtube now, most are ok, and cute, but this one just stunned me with the potential.