Monday, December 26, 2011

Music Monday; Etta James

Some sad news this week, Etta James is very sick,and not expected to make it. I've enjoyed her music most of my life. A stunning vocalist, her live shows were amazing. Good blues, great singing, and taking pop songs,twisting them around, adding in a little raunch and a lot of spice, Etta was unique. When we were a young married couple,my wife would tag along to blues festivals and concerts with me,  but not really a fan of the music. She would tag along just to "share interests". She went to Blues Festivals with me, I would to  shows like Neil Diamond and the Monkees with her.  But once she saw Etta James Live, she became a blues fan. Etta opened up the world of the Blues to my wife. This is the song Etta released that stunned the world;

  Our thoughts and prayers are with Etta, and her family. Thank you for a generation of great music, soaring vocals, and turning my wife into a blues fan. I will always cherish Miss James for those things.

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  1. Mike is absolutely right. She blew me away the first time i ever say her singing "Come to Mama". I became a lifetime fan at that exact moment. It will be a great loss

  2. I read about her such a shame all the good ones are going. ...great track too

    Hope you had a good Christmas day :-)