Sunday, December 4, 2011

Silly Sunday

A Gratuitous  Google Entry;

 A Blog Buddy, Rhonda over at Laugh Quotes, started this Silly Sunday meme thing, and I thought I would take a shot at it.

Our first entry for a Silly Sunday;
Larry the Cable Guy - Meeting Hillary Clinton
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Check out Rhonda's Blog, it's a great place for a daily laugh, and everyone  knows we need a bit more humor these days.I guess living on the underside of the globe gives Rhonda a unique and humorous view of the world. Maybe all the blood rushing to her head or something. A recommended Blog Read. And she's on the facebook here; Things Which Make Me Laugh

Today on the Real Blog, I found out as I was looking back over the week, we were mired in the silly all week;
 Hoping you can find a few laughs today, see you on Monday

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  1. Oh, the pressure is on now, I had better be funny after today - LOL :) Seriously, thanks for the intro, the links and for linking up with Silly Sunday. I loved the video, never seen him before. The Hillary Clinton line was good, but my biggest laugh was from the bathroom on the bus. :) Have a great day :)